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Every Monday we bring you some of the cool things that caught our eye, from awesome new miniatures, great games and more! It's time for Frontline News!

Before we take a delve into today's news blog, if you're a fan of Devil May Cry (who isn't?) then you should head on over to the Steamforged Games website immediately for a chance to win an amazing prize! 

Devil May Cry Steamforged Games

Now, if you're one of those 40K players who complained that Space Marines just weren't big enough, well it looks like Bandai were listening. A 7" tall Primaris Marine is on the way, and it looks incredible. I'd love to see a game of Kill Team in this scale!

Bandai Space Marine

Never content to go a whole week without an overpowering torrent of teasers, Games Workshop also showed us a painted Sister of Battle and previewed the new Age of Sigmar release Forbidden Power, which features superb new Endless Spell models.

Age of Sigmar Games Workshop Endless Spells


We're getting very excited about WarCry too... it's shaping up to be a hell of a lot of fun, with diverse and distinctive warbands. But one thing we do want to focus on a little is the new range of Citadel Contrast paints. I'd certainly like to give these a try to see what they're all about, but if you want to get an army ready for the table yet are short on time, these could be for you. 

Citadel Contrast

What sorcery is this?!

When it comes to giant mechs, I'm always interested. Right from the first few teasers, Obsidian Protocol has looked like an enticing prospect. The minds behind it have just released the contents of the Deluxe Core Box and it's jaw-dropping. Just look at those war machines!

Obsidian Protocol

As always, we've been busy on the new release front. With new booster packs for the latest Guild Ball Captains, you can now get official tokens for Corbelli, Cutlass, Culverin, Corker and Rivet! We took a closer look at these boosters here, and they're in the store now!

Cutlass Culverin Broadside

You don't want to be on the receiving end of a broadside!

We also took a look at Blackstone Fortress and worked out some effective ways to make the game more challenging for veteran players!

So what did you notice this week? Did we miss anything?


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