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We believe in constant improvement, and with a new generation of Infinity tokens and templates incoming, it's your last chance to get hold of these classic releases!

With the threat of the Combined Army looming, it’s time the Human Sphere upped its game. Current tech has proved itself time and again, but as open war draws near, our Interventors have been working tirelessly to create fresh token designs for the battlefields of tomorrow. 

Infinity Art of War studios

Check area of effect without moving models with Segmented Blast Templates.

Don’t tell O-12, but that’s good news for the Black Market! We’re issuing a LAST CHANCE TO BUY notice on a wide range of markers and templates for Infinity, so if you're considering buying any of the following items from our current lines, shake off that adhesive ammo and grab them before they go!

  • Camo Tokens
  • Holo Echoes
  • Impersonation Markers
  • TO Camo markers
  • Weapons Templates
  • Blast Markers
  • Silhouettes

Art of War Studios Infinity

If you can see it, you can shoot it... or be critted by it in the ARO!

These beautiful, classic designs are going to be available until the 24th of May… and then the new range is going to take over. Head on over to the store and stock up before ALEPH cleans up its hard drives and these designs disappear forever! 

infinity the game art of war studios

Grab 'em before they vanish!

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