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It’s Monday, let’s suit up and enter the fray praying that we don’t get captured… because the Blackguard are coming!

asoiaf blackguards

That’s right! The latest new unit to emerge onto the field for A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game is the Bolton Blackguard! These grim, terrifying and downright sadistic warriors might be slow but they're heavily armoured, hit hard and can't be driven from the field easily. Enemies must pass panic tests before they attack the Blackguards, and with a Flayer added to the unit, the Blackguards can regenerate wounds. One thing is certain: no foe will want to face these monstrous fighters.

x wing epic battles

X-Wing players rejoice, for it is time to stop skirmishing in the asteroid belts, and start waging full-scale battles! The new Epic Battles expansion enables 2-5 players to take part in larger engagements than ever before, with new mechanics and rules for flying in formation, as well as a host of characterful missions.

arco-flagellants sisters battle

With the Sisters of Battle heading into the system (wallets at the ready, people!) Games Workshop are giving us lots of glimpses of the units that will soon be sweeping across many a grimdark battlefield. The Arco-Flagellants are terrifying cyborgs that have been brainwashed and augmented in order to provide the Ecclessiarchy with a horde of fearless and unstoppable brutes. As the Sisters of Battle stalk the field, these once-human monstrosities hurl themselves at the foe, bringing judgement and death!
imperial fists 40kThe Sisters of Battle will not face the enemies of humanity alone, however. The Imperial Fists and Salamanders will soon be getting their own Codexes, so if you like to burn your enemies - or hammer them flat with a storm of bolter fire - you'll be delighted with the new models, datacards and army books!

primaris impulsorIf you're looking for a way to get your Primaris Space Marines up the field, then the Impulsor is the tank for you! This cute yet imposing APC evokes the traditional Rhino design, with harder edges, more firepower and grav generators instead of tracks. Going up for pre-order soon, this vehicle promises to come with some interesting options - such as the ability to call in orbital strikes - making it a worthy addition to any Space Marine force.

With all of these awesome new units inbound, what will you be going for first? Some sadistic maniacs for your A Song of Ice and Fire army, a shiny new tank, a mind-wiped psycopath with whips for hands? Or maybe you're preparing a fleet to take down the Empire once and for all? Let us know!


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