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It’s hard not to get excited at this week’s news. There are so many stunning models and fresh opportunities to lay waste to opponents across a variety of vistas in both fantasy and future settings. So without further ado, let’s jump into another Frontline News freakout!

stormtrooper expansion legion

Let's start with these bad boys. Few villainous footsoldiers are as iconic as the Imperial Stormtrooper, and with this new expansion they're becoming even more fearsome. With Some dynamic new poses and two new heavy weapons, players will now be able to annihilate rebel scum with the T-21 or pick them off at range with the RT-97C. 

legion rebel expansion

The rebels refuse to be outdone, thank goodness, and a new expansion brings some wonderful aliens to the tabletop. Unlocking scatterblasters and the terrifying DLT-20A, as well as options for extra upgrades like emergency stim packs, this promises to give the rebellion a shot in the arm as the battle for the galaxy heats up!
defiance charontids

As Corvus Belli's sci-fi dungeoncrawler Defiance moves towards release, we switch from cuddly rebel aliens to monstrous and single-minded tyrants of a dark and forbidding cosmos. Head over to OnTableTop and check out some of the gorgeous models for this fascinating new game!

imperial fists codex index

Some might quake at the thought of an alien invasion. Others simply see it as an opportunity to prove one's loyalty to the Emperor! With the Imperial Fists codex supplement primed and ready to drop, the defenders of humanity will be able to invoke the Legacy of Dorn and devastate structures and vehicles with massed ranks of heavy weaponry. 

salamanders codex index 40k

If the prospect of painting all that yellow strikes fear into your heart, don't worry. The Salamanders are coming too! Few foes will withstand flame and melta weapons being wielded by the sons of Vulkan. Even the Sisters of Battle will be shocked by the sheer torrent of fire that swoops forth from this terrifying force. Don't get too close!

impulsor 40k

We got a glimpse of the Impulsor APC last week, and now Games Workshop have unleashed some of the rules for this tasty new vehicle. Looking for a transport that can move 14", has a 4+ invulnerable save, summons orbital barrages and is stacked to its metal gills with guns and missile pods? Then you need one of these in your life. 

age of sigmar feast of bones

If you prefer swords and claws to ceramite and bolters, the new Feast of Bones set for Age of Sigmar is up for pre-order next week! Featuring the brutal might of the Ogor Mawtribes and the sinister and undying malevolence of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, this gives players an insight into two new forces that are set to turn the Mortal Realms upside down!

asoiaf builder stone thrower

If you'd rather smash your foes at long range rather than cave their skulls in with a club, the Builder Stone Thrower for A Song of Ice and Fire does exactly what it says on the box. It's expensive but durable, will never charge or retreat, and cannot be subjected to conditions, making it a reliable attack piece. Able to target enemy units anywhere on the battlefield, it provides the Night's Watch with a morale-destroying engine of war. 

With rocks whizzing through the air, Primaris Space Marines zipping around in hovertanks and Stormtroopers sniping at us from the rooftops, let's call it a day and retreat into cover while we still can! But do let us know what new releases are going to find their way into your army... or which ones you hope you'll never face!


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