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This week's post includes undying hordes, greedy monsters and space opera technology. Let's unleash another edition of Frontline News!

ossiarch bonereapers games workshop

First up, the Ossiarch Bonereapers will be on pre-order soon! The latest visually stunning faction for Age of Sigmar, these undying fiends can crush their foes with sheer brawn or annihilate them with terrifying sorcery.

necropolis stalkers ossiarch

The Necropolis Stalkers stand out for me as some truly impressive models. As has been the trend with Age of Sigmar, this army has a focus on spectacle, and with giant constructs and heavily armoured hordes it's going to look amazing when it's stomping across the battlefield with evil grins stretching across a myriad grim faces.

endless spells ossiarch

As well as the new battletome, dice and terrain - all of which are gorgeous - we also have these awesome and imposing Endless Spells, all helping to create an overarching aesthetic for the army.

ogor mawtribes

With Feast of Bones about to emerge into the Mortal Realms, we also have the Ogor Mawtribes clamouring for a tasty morsel. Once again we're treated to some big, chunky models accompanied by hard-hitting profiles. 

apocalypse 40k

Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse has received a nice update, with rules for fresh units such as the Repulsor tank. Games Workshop have released a free PDF including these new rules, designer's notes and an errata, so when you play your mega battles, you can use the latest miniatures and have fewer rules discussions, allowing you to focus on the sheer spectacle of the contest.

blood angels contemptor

If you've faced Blood Angels in 8th edition 40k, you'll know all about the terrifying flying Librarian Dreadnought who comes shooting out of his drop pod like a bullet from a gun. Well Forgeworld have gone one better with this very pretty Contemptor. It's fitted with a jet pack, so it can bound across the battlefield, or fly through the air with the greatest of ease... before landing on your face talon-first.

necromunda book of ruin

Necromunda is getting an exciting new release with Dark Uprising. Supported by the dark and brooding tome, The Book of Ruin, this sees the underhive overrun by several fearsome cults, set to slaughter or corrupt your gangs! The new set comes with some gorgeous Zone Mortalis terrain, a Corpse Grinder cult gang, and a squad of Palanite Enforcers. It looks fluffy, rich and brilliant, and is certain to get Necromunda players reaching for their stub guns. 

keyforge grand star alliance

Finally this week, Fantasy Flight Games have shown us a little more of the new Grand Star Alliance cards for the latest set for Keyforge. Worlds Collide is designed to be played alongside the previous sets, expanding the universe and introducing some awesome new technology! 

So, if you had the choice, would you rather have your soul and bones enslaved by a Bonereaper, or be gnawed on by an Ogor? And more importantly, what are you going to be spending your hard-earned cash on this week? 







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