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With the UK Games Expo coming up in just a few days, hobby time has been pretty scarce. So this week's Hobby HQ is short and sweet! 

art of war studios terrain
So following our fire incident, and with all the prep for the expo this coming weekend, hobbying has had to take a back seat. However, we did manage to get a few bits done here and there!

I've been wanting to add levels to an Infinity table for a while, and decided to make use of some of our Necromunda terrain sets. These are perfect for 40K but maybe a little too open for a game like Infinity which demands plenty of LOS-blocking structures. So I combined them with the cardstock and the end result was a fun battlefield with lots of cool nooks and crannies, as well as a host of walkways and branching upper levels.
art of war studios
The Necromunda terrain pieces I added to give the table a new level.
I wanted these pieces of Necromunda terrain to pop, and seeking a 'quick win' paint-job (because time was limited) I did roughly half of it in a light grey primer. I skipped the primer with the other half, aiming for a dirty yellow industrial look. Thanks to airbrush magic, the areas you pass over quickly end up looking dirty, with the natural brown of the MDF showing through. Make a couple more passes and the yellow really pops.
It was lightening fast, and reasonably effective. The next step is going to be to add chips and rust. So that'll be some orange chips on the light grey sections, and dark brown and silver for the yellow pieces.
art of war terrain
The Necromunda terrain is great because it can sit over other scenery elements whilst supporting additional items such as buildings. Here, I filled the space with a crate and a big truck. So yeah, I'm continuing my habit of respraying old toys and putting them to awesome use!
I got a little bit of mini-painting done, tinkering with my Caledonians for Infinity. I batch-painted them a while back, so there were lots of details still to add. But they're fine for the tabletop, which is what matters!
So that's it for the hobby blog this week. Once the expo is out of the way, we'll show off our Age of Sigmar stuff, and some Blood Bowl teams, as well as a host of other projects. But we hope this inspired you to add to your own tables, either with toys, walkways and various other things. I can definitely recommend adding levels to your battlefield, and would love to see how you've approached this!

Hey, fellow hobby fans. Just a heads-up. We're going to be away at the UK Games Expo over the weekend, and what with a fire at the workshop and all the preparation, we won't be shipping any new orders until the 10th of June. 
Also, if you're a member of a gaming club or own an FLGS owner anywhere in the world, get in touch with us about our Quartermaster service, and get discounts all year round!

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