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Invincible space goblins, toy space marines, Legion updates, bestial shape-shifters... it's all happening in this week's Frontline News!

makari gretchin grot 40k games workshop

In the grimdark universe of the 41st Millennium, where war is perpetual and a violent death is the best fate you can hope for, true heroes are in short supply. Fortunately, Games Workshop have unveiled a character who will certainly shake up our games of Warhammer 40k. That's right, it's the name on everyone's lips - Makari the Grot! 

makari grot 40k

Makari may not be the hero we want, but he's the hero we need! With a seriously dangerous stabba and a 2+ invulnerable save, he'll be shrugging off melta shots and plasma blasts, whilst bolstering nearby gretchin with his impressive leadership of... 6. Alright, so that last feature isn't particularly impressive. But the image of a space goblin sauntering through lascannon fire is the stuff that legends are made of!

beastgrave games woskshop krushas

Sticking with the greenskins, a new Beastgrave warband has come stomping through the dense foliage, clad in inch-thick plate and wielding the kind of weapons usually used to bring down derelict buildings. Morgok's Krushas were revealed at the New York Toy Fair and they're tough, rough and aggressive! 

rise of the orks games workshop

Games Workshop also announced several new boxed games including Rise of the Orks which pits an elite team of Terminators against a horde of greenskins. The set comes with space marine models only previously available in the Space Marine Heroes boxes so it's a great way of getting hold of these stunning models. Other games include Crypt Hunters - pitting heroes from the Age of Sigmar against sinister undead - and Blitz Bowl season 2!

games workshop intercessor toy

Talking of space marines, this is going to look awesome on your shelf! Coming from McFarlane Toys, the Games Workshop line starts with the superhuman heroes of the Imperium, but will extend across the Warhammer 40,000 range!

barracuda aeronautica imperialis

If you prefer to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, slicing through the enemy with railguns or peppering them with punisher cannons, then the latest reveals for Aeronautica Imperialis will blow you away. Not only can you bring Vultures to the game, allowing you to hover and strafe to your heart's content, you can also unleash the lethally swift T'au Air Caste Barracuda. 

taun taun legion star wars ffg

Tired of being taunted by taun-tauns? Well, Fantasy Flight Games have announced some new updates for Star Wars Legion to bring in line some of the units that were punching above their weight. The update will mean that taun-taun riders will still be able to sprint into combat with aplomb but won't be bouncing from enemy to enemy; they'll have to disengage just like anybody else if they find that they have bitten off more they can chew with an enemy unit!

skinchangers a song of ice and fire asoiaf cmon

Lastly this week, another set of stunning models for A Song of Ice and Fire is inbound from CMON! The Skinchangers don't just look phenomenal, each can be bonded to an eagle, wolf or bear. The eagle bolsters charging, even negating terrain effects to help the unit close with its foe. The wolf makes it more likely that attacks will strip wounds off the enemy, leading to even more casualties. The bear is a furious fighter in its own right, and while it needs to remain within a certain range of the bonded Skinchanger, it can batter enemies into submission with its enormous claws. 

That's all for this edition! Let us know what you're going to be spending your hard-earned cash on this week, and what games you've been playing!

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