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What's that crawling out of the barrow? It's this week's Frontline News! So grab your greatsword, recharge your magicka and prepare to defend your wallet from the latest miniature wargaming releases!

stormcloaks elder scrolls modiphius

Fans of the Elder Scrolls should prepare themselves for some dungeon-delving because Modiphius have announced a range of starter sets to support its evocative tabletop take on wargaming in the world of Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms offers a co-operative, competitive or solo play experience with a fleshed-out AI system.

modiphius elder scrolls call to armsWith starter sets including Stormcloaks, the Imperial Legion, Draugr and more, this game is going to look gorgeous in full flow, thanks to some truly dynamic models.

bloody mummer asoiaf

We're spoilt for choice this week when it comes to superb fantasy models. Later this month, CMON will release the Bloody Mummers for A Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game. This unit can hit fast and hard, and weakens enemies that are yet to activate, allowing you to control how the battle flows. 

dothraki screamers asoiaf cmon

Also on the way, thundering across the plan, are the Dothraki Screamers. Highly mobile, this cavalry unit can make a free manoeuvre at the start of their activation. Although vulnerable to missile fire due to their light armour, it's not easy to reduce their ranks and as long as you deploy them intelligently, they'll be a thorn in your enemy's side all game long.

baratheon wardens cmon asoiaf

The reinforcements for A Song of Ice and Fire don't stop there. The Baratheon Wardens are also getting ready to bring the hammer down. When their opponents roll 1s for their defense saves they become weakened, which allows the wardens to keep dishing out the pain, endlessly feeding on the carnage wrought by their mighty hammers.

godtear steamforged rattlebone

There's a new fighter threatening to dominate the game of Godtear! Going by the name Rattlebone, this sinister champion is able to remove boons and blights and place them on other models, manipulating the battlefield to wrongfoot her opponents. She can also use her characterful Hexlings to pass boons on like batons, while these unique-looking minions harry the enemy with their Hex Bolts, inflicting blights of the player's choice. With Power Hex, Rattlebone can inflict several different blights on an enemy champion, ensuring that no foe is safe from her dark magic.

vanari dawnriders age sigmar games workshop

Of course, in the Mortal Realms, such dark magic would be given short shrift. The Vanari Dawnriders provide the Lumineth with a fast attack option, rampaging across the battlefield to attack the enemy line where it is weakest, or taking out a key target. Fulfilling a medium-weight role, expect these hardy units to display their martial prowess in games of Age of Sigmar soon!

age of sigmar skinks seraphon

Whilst we're on the subject of Age of Sigmar, there's a new Seraphone battletome on the way! Featuring updated warscrolls and rules for the ancient space lizards, it will also contain rules for the awesome Realmshaper Engine which uses transformative magic to control the battlefield, turning terrain to your advantage!

adeptus titanicus shadow and iron warhound games workshop

Spears and steeds have their place, but some foes require a little bit more brute force. Games Workshop has provided another glimpse into the new expansion for Adeptus Titanicus. Shadow and Iron will include a wealth of new rules including cutting-edge weapons options for the Warhound Titan. Ursus Claws are harpoon-like armaments that can haul even the largest enemy Titans to the earth! If that doesn't float your grimdark boat, why not upgrade to a Nitrix Shock Lance and disable the target's shields with a forced Shutdown order!

dark angels horus heresy legion interemptors

It's been a whole week since the First Legion got a new unit kitted out with fancy plasma weapons, so of course we were due another one! The Dark Angels Legion Interemptors are armed with short-range Plasma Burners which ignore cover and reroll failed hits on overwatch. Sadly, these warriors seem to have been decomissioned after the Horus Heresy, so they're unlikely to appear on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield, but that won't stop First Legion players from running them as proxies for veterans with combi-plasma!

valerian 40k

Finally this week, the Black Library Celebration 2020 event sees Games Workshop release a stunning miniature for Shield-Captain of the Adeptus Custodes, Valerian, and the Sister of Silence Tanau Aleya. Both are close combat experts, wielding their blades and carving through heretics in service of the Emperor! Check out their profiles here!

That's it for this week. So what new units will you be selecting for your games of ASOIAF? And will you be finding a place in your army for these gorgeous new 40K models? Or are you planning to hack your way through draugr to uncover the secrets of the barrow? Let us know!

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