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Space nuns, mystic lizards, conflicted heroes and masters of cosmic power? Must be another edition of Frontline News!

adeptus sororitas games workshop warhammer 40k

The Adeptus Sororitas are finally all here! Next week, the last wave of units will be available for this stunning Warhammer 40,000 faction. Soon you'll be able to field your very own Repentia Squads, with screaming eviscerators held aloft!

zephyrim sororitas 40k

If you want to hit fast and hard, you can send in the Zephyrim. With jump packs and power swords, these elite fighters are itching to get up close and personal with heretics and aliens alike.

sororitas immolator 40k games workshop

If the above seem too subtle, the Immolator may well be the solution you're looking for. When you absolutely, positively have to burn every single heretic in the room, accept no substitute. Expecting the foe to bring some armoured units? Switch out your flamers for multi-meltas and laugh at your opponent's Armour Save!

seraphon age of sigmar

What's that, glinting through the jungle foliage? It's the gold trim around a brand new set of rules for the Seraphon! Age of Sigmar's latest battletome details updated abilities and stats for everyone's favourite lizard people, unleashing terrifying new powers onto the battlefield.

seraphon aos age of sigmar

Generals will have to choose between the Starborne, who can teleport their units to the precise point where they're needed, or the bestial Coalesced who have learned to thrive in their new homeland and fight with a revitalised ferocity. 

seraphon age sigmar

Coalesced forces gain extra attacks for any Jaw-based weapons, whilst their Scaly Skin ensures that they soak up more damage from enemy weapons.

Andor KSO star wars legion

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, new Star Wars Legion units are inbound! Two more of the heroes from Rogue One can now be fielded against the Empire. Cassian Andor is adaptable in the extreme, enabling players to swap between loadout options depending on what the enemy has deployed. Able to turn misses into hits and hits into criticals by spending Aim tokens, he's a deadly operative. K-2SO by contrast can sneak around the battlefield, and cannot be targeted by enemies beyond range one unless he has already executed an attack. 

privateer press warcaster neo-mechanika

Finally this week, Privateer Press have revealed their new game launching via Kickstarter. Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a space opera skirmish game in which players alternate-activate their units, making use of void gates to dynamically deploy their assets where they are needed most. Aesthetically it evokes a move away from the cog-and-smokestack grimdark look, with a more contemporary, cyberpunk feel. The team over at On TableTop have a more in-depth look at this new game here.

So which of the Adeptus Sororitas units have you been waiting for, and will you be annihilating your foes with flame or multi-meltas? And for those of you who prefer to skulk through the jungle with obsidian blades and golden sickles, will you be putting your faith in the Starborne or getting down and dirty with the Coalesced? Let us know! 




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