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It's a dog's life in the underhive! Shepherd's delight is glowing over the nation's football pitches and a giant green killing machine is marauding Imperial space. Just another day for the Frontline News crew!

Ghazghkull Thraka 40k warhammer games workshop

The green tide is about to be unleashed! From next week, Warhammer 40,000 players will be able to pre-order the latest Big Box 'o Battles, The Saga of the Beast! Not only does this herald the return of the Space Wolves, featuring an all-new Primaris version of chainsword-wielding Space Marine hero Ragnar Blackmane, it also includes the new model for the closest thing the Orks get to a Warmaster - Ghazghkull Thraka!

As we've seen from the pics, he's enormous. The model's a great example of how excess just works when it comes to Ork miniature design, with horn-shaped smoke stacks, multiple ammo drums and a power claw that could tear down a Thunderhawk Gunship. 

saga of the beast warhammer 40,000

By now you've probably seen the profile leaks, so you'll be aware that Ghazghkull is classified as a Monster. This means that he can be targeted even if he's not the closest enemy, despite being a character. However, he has a nifty damage mitigation ability which limits the number of wounds he can lose in a single phase. We're sure he's going to have access to some special stratagems too, to ensure that he can butcher as many filthy 'umies as he can!

legion arquitor bombard 40k horus heresy

If you're quivering with terror at the idea of a giant Ork covered in armour plate who can shrug off a salvo of lascannon fire, then Forge World has you covered. The Legion Arquitor Bombard can propel a massive shell of Imperial judgement across the battlefield, with the added option of the Carcass Shell. This special ammunition contains a deadly phage component that eats its way through entire squads. While the Arquitor is designed for games of Horus Heresy, it would make a nice proxy for various other space marine vehicles.

Scrutinator-Primus Servalen necromunda

We know what you're thinking. Maybe the best place to hide from the Orks if the Necromunda Underhive! Well, be careful where you tread because it just got a lot more dangerous down in the depths. Scrutinator-Primus Servalen is on the hunt, using her Null ability to deal with pesky wyrds and sending her Cyber Mastiff after any foolhardy gangers who cross her path!

escher wyld runners

Keeping the Enforcers on their toes are the fleet-footed and tricksy Escher Wyld Runners. Armed with toxin-tipped arrows and whips, these gals are also responsible for training Phelynxes - mutant cats that provide the gang with another method of delivering deadly poisons into the bloodstream of the enemy!

iden version star wars legion

Imperial agent Iden Versio could certainly hold her own as an Escher. Trained from youth to hunt down and neutralise the Empire's enemies, this Star Wars Legion character is a skilled marksman with the ability to deftly dodge incoming fire. On top of that, she can infiltrate the battlefield to open up another attack vector on the enemy force, while her Seeker Droid can incapacitate whole squads, allowing the big guns to roll in and eradicate any hint of rebellion!

shepherd's guild steamforged guild ball

Finally this week, there's a new Guild Ball team emerging from Steam Forged Games! The Shepherd's Guild are aligned to the Farmers, with reapers and planters, but have superior footballing skills. As befits their theme, the Shepherds have lots of Pushes, helping them control their opponents, and when one of their number suffers the Taken Out condition, certain members of the team become stronger as a result. This makes the Shepherds a fascinating prospect, able to control the flow of the game but also strike back against opponents who prefer punching to kicking!

That's all for this week! As always, let us know what caught your eye, and which of these new shinies are going to be making their way onto your gaming table!

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