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It is a time of galactic strife. But fear not, Frontline News is here to help you bolster your immune system with a slice of shepherd's pie, 'krump' better with the Greenskins and streamline your games of Infinity! 

infinity code one corvus belli

Let's begin with some anime-infused space opera skirmish! Corvus Belli has announced that its latest boxed set, Operation Kaldstrom, will be the gateway to its new streamlined rules system, Code One. Promising to reduce the length of games and the complexity of the rules, whilst remaining true to the cutting-edge dynamism that makes Infinity so addictive and unique, Code One is bound to shake thing up for sci-fi skirmish players.

kaldstrom corvus belli infinity

Operation Kaldstrom will introduce two new sectorial armies for the Pan Oceania and Yu Jing factions. We're already excited about the new profiles - such as the Nokk and the Knight of Justice - and it's going to be fun having a whole new way to play. 

steamforged guild ball shepherds

Steamforged Games have released more information on the new Shepherd's Guild for Guild Ball. First up, Lamb is a great support player, able to dish out HP to his comrades and weaken enemies for allies to take down. Lamb might be an easy target but he has a hefty 20 Health and leaves 5 Harvest markers anywhere on the football pitch if the enemy takes him out.

herder farmers guild ball

The captain of the guild, Herder has a great character play allowing her to execute some very tricksy combos. Rest assured that you'll be playing some slick football with the Shepherds! Herder can also use harvest markers to protect friendly models from being tackled, but the most exciting thing about this player is her punishment mechanic. If she is taken out during the Activation Phase, all friendly players receive Influence up to their maximum, so even if she's in a vulnerable position you can still give her Influence, safe in the knowledge that if anything happens to her, the rest of the team can come together and take the fight to the opposition.

babe farmers guild ball

The team's Mascot is Babe, and despite his diminutive size, he has some useful pushes and can deposit harvest markers to aid the rest of the team. If an enemy takes Babe out, that model becomes Singled Out for the rest of the turn. Even more interesting is his ability Pack Mentality. If a friendly model in 6" that isn't already knocked down suffers damage from enemy attacks or plays, it may make a 1" dodge pigwards. This is a neat way of pulling friendly models away from beatsticks, helping keep the Shepherds conscious and playing!

tiger shark aeronautica imperialis

Switching our gaze from the football pitch to the burning sky, it's time to take a look at what Aeronautica Imperialis is sending our way. The T'au Tiger Shark can be outfitted with rail guns, burst cannons or ion cannons, as well as a battery of missiles. Also screaming through the ragged cloud is the Arvus Lighter, an Imperial transport designed to get personnel safely out of the hotzone!

space wolves games workshop 40k

As the Imperium fights off the Xenos in the clouds above, war continues to rage on the ground. The Space Wolves are now back in the heat of the action in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and with their new rules they'll be carving through the enemy ranks in no time. 

space wolves 40k battlelust

Ragnar Blackmane will be leading the line with his 7 attacks (boosted to 10 using the Berserker Rage ability) and through the use of doctrines like Savage Fury, and stratagems like Touch of the Wild, you'll be adding more attacks and inflicting more hits than even the toughest foe can withstand. 

orks new rules warhammer 40k games workshop

The Space Marines will be up against it this time around, though. The new Ork rules really deliver for the greenskins, giving players access to some fun new stratagems. As Ghazkhull shreds tanks with his -4 AP, 4 Damage Klaw, killa kans and other hulking machines will be speeding forward with Orkymatic Pistons as flyers divebomb the hapless foe! Nothing says 'Waaaagh!' like a burning dakkajet swooping at an enemy squad and exploding into a thousand pieces.

eadbutt orks flyers 40k

With specialist mobs, kustom jobs, hordes of grots, new psychic powers and random teleportation, the Green Horde is coming to lay waste to the Imperium. Let's hope the Space Wolves can give as good as they get!

On that note, it's time to return to the bunker and the joys of quarantine!  We hope you're all staying safe and looking after yourselves. Let us know what you're playing to pass the time!


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