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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

Apocalypse is on the horizon! Like a Warlord Titan approaching a doomed city (which is basically a metaphor for your wallet) it can be heard a mile away, and right now we're quivering at the sound of its enormous feet smashing into the earth. We've seen some awesome teasers on Warhammer Community and featuring new dice mechanics and movement trays, it looks set to streamline huge games of 40K.

games workshop apocalypse

Games Workshop is making all data sheets available for FREE at launch, so we can all dip into this and give it a try. With all manner of strategic options, it looks like it's going to take YouTube by storm!


Also from GW are some new toys for Necromunda! The Delaque heads are really characterful, and will ensure that you look amazing whilst skulking around with the lights off. I reckon the Dome Runner and Ammo Jack will fit into a lot of sci-fi games, as they're really strong designs with lots of detail. It's great to see this game supported with such stunning models.


It's insane how much news comes out of Games Workshop in a week, so we're going to move on, but not before mentioning how much we love the hint of 60s Space Opera that just bleeds off this Mechanicus tank! I wouldn't be surprised if Will Robinson was driving it. Superb stuff.

games workshop 40k

I've been hearing great things about Outer Rim from Fantasy Flight Games. Narrative-rich, it allows players to take on the role of well-known characters from the Star Wars universe and strive to become a legend in a war-torn galaxy. Really hard to say no to that, right?

outer rim

Destiny continues to expand, and the new Spark of Hope set contains some very cool new options and abilities that veteran players will certainly be able to use to dominate the table (and the galaxy).

destiny spark

There's so much more happening right now that we can only look at our wallets and weep for their lost innocence. What with the long line of gorgeous minis being released for A Song of Ice and Fire, and now Apocalypse, it's becoming hard to keep up! What a time to be alive, right?

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