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Every Tuesday we take a closer look at what the team has been building and painting. It's time for Hobby HQ!

Every time Tuesday rolls around, I feel a pang of guilt as I think about all the models I swore I was going to paint, but haven't yet managed to. My shelf's full of Spiral Corps Tohaa from Infinity, Nighthaunt, Nurgle Bloodbowl models and assorted odds and ends, who taunt me from their vantage point every time I walk through the room.

Fortunately, other members of the team have picked up the slack. Aerial has painted up her Dungeons and Dragons models, and the party looks ready to save the world! Each one is really nicely based (look at those toadstools!) and the barbarian has a cheeky bit of blood splattered across the side of her head. But it's the archer springing through the long grass that I like the most! Great job, Aerial!

dungeons and dragons models

All I managed this week was to add a few more touches to my Chosen Axes band for Warhammer Underworlds. They were more or less done, but now have a few more highlights on the golden parts, and some drybrushing on the beards. I'm no good with them in the game, but desperate to use them in something! Maybe I'll glue guns on them and use them as Squats in Kill Team.

chosen axes

Kallie's been taking stock of her quite astounding (and beautiful) horde of dice. She won't be the last RPG fan to find herself buried under bags of D20s, D8s and often dangerous D4s, but she's managed to put together a set for each of her favourite games. 

vampire the masquerade dice

The dice for Vampire: The Masquerade are awesome. Half of them look like they've got squirts of blood rolling around inside them and the other appear to be filled with an inky malice. Absolutely perfect for a game in which you play a monster who might unintentionally pull someone's jawbone off at any time!

tails of equestria

Sticking with dice that are perfectly thematic, her Tails of Equestria dice look good enough to eat. Speaking of which, nobody has dared to devour these edible ones from the UKGE. Yet.

edible dice

At Salute, we all got our heads turned by the miniatures and art direction of Moonstone. Kallie has a set of dice that suit Goblin King Games' skirmisher down to the ground. I'll try and get a shot of her  dice for next time, because they're exquisite. 

Now, these are all great, but as dice sets go, you can't beat the bad boys in the image below. 

dnd dice

So between painting adventurers, adding finishing touches to short and angry axemen and assembling a vast array of dice for a range of RPGs, that's pretty much what we've been up to hobby-wise. How about you? 

Let's make it interesting this week! Post up your hobby work below, and if we like your pic the best we'll send you a 10% discount code!

quartermaster art of war studios

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  • Hooray Spiral Corps! Any updates on the new infinity tokens? Need to get my hands on a few Dazer markers…

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