In Focus: the Expo Sale, and other Awesome Things!

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As we put the finishing touches to several design projects, we're focusing this week on our Expo Sale, which is coming to a close, and some of our other services that you may not be aware of yet! 

Hive walls necromunda

Our Expo Sale has been raging since we left for the UKGE and now has just 3 days left to go!

So if you're looking for Hive Walls for your Necromunda campaigns, you can get over £40 off if you order by close of play on the 17th! Why not get some damaged walls and double door boosters to really make your table stand out?

necromunda doors

These add-ons sit flush with the Hive Walls set!

With discounts on several token ranges, from X-Wing to A Song of Ice and Fire, there's something for every wargamer.


Our Quartermaster Service has been going down a storm, lately, too. Several gaming clubs and FLGS owners are getting involved, unlocking discounts for their communities. If you're a member of a gaming group or own a store, get in touch and find out how you can save at least 15% on your orders!

art of war studios prize support
Organising events and tournaments? Our event support packs are now even better than before! The discounts are still huge, but now you get to choose what you want them to contain!

So what are you waiting for, peeps? Take advantage of the Expo Sale while you can, then contact us and get on board with the Quartermaster. Because what's better than a sale? One that lasts the whole freakin' year, that's what!

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