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The problem with living through another golden age in tabletop gaming is that there are so many systems to choose from, and only a limited time to play. That hasn’t stopped me indulging my interest in 40k by finally building that Dark Angels army I always wanted as a kid, or spending far too much money at Salute on Infinity miniatures (prior to Salute, I didn’t collect Tohaa or Pan Oceania… this has changed).

Dark Angels 40k

Ever since kid-me saw this in Preston Games, I wanted this army.

However at some point you kind of have to do something with these miniatures. Sure, it’s nice to know that you have a Thunderhawk Gunship in a box on top of your cupboard, but it’s even better to have it painted on the tabletop. So to keep us all focused, and to make sure we find a few moments here and there to relax and get some hobbying done, we’re going to report weekly on what we’ve been up to.

Our three rules are simple: no pressure, paint what you like how you like, and have fun. I’m kicking things off with a few little projects that I’ve been tinkering with, and everyone else is going to join in as we go along [oh yes you are, people!]. Dear readers, please do post up what you’ve been working on as well!


Pan oceania Knights Infinity

"Have at you, knave!"

First up, I’ve had the pleasure of gaming at the Hydra club in High Brooms, home of the Totally Crit podcast and top-notch Infinity events, and the lads have recently kicked off a painting competition. I promised to assemble and paint a Cutter and a bunch of Pan Oceania Knights between now and the end of May, and have decided that I’m going to push myself with airbrushing - something I’ve dabbled in very tentatively but never really had the guts to commit to. Well, that’s gonna change!

Here’s the colour scheme I’m going for: a glorious blue chrome effect. The paints are in the post. Wish me luck…!

colour scheme

I’ve done a little bit of practice with these Hellblasters (don’t ask me why Strength 9, AP-4 and 3 damage apiece with Weapons of the Dark Age appeals…) and the Kriza Boracs, who will probably stand in for a Spiral Corps Kiel-Saan since I already have a converted Azra’il standing in for a Kriza.

Primaris Hellblasters

The Hellblasters. Ouch.

Kriza Boracs infinity

A bit more practice with the airbrush.

I also worked on a couple of Tohaa models. I wanted a mix of aquatic and autumnal colours for the aliens, which seems to be working nicely. They certainly stand out against the more grittily realistic colour palettes of my other armies.

Tohaa Art of War Studios

Of course, everyone else has been building and painting… Kallie’s preparing to unleash a wild and wonderful horde of Moonstone models, and I can’t wait to see Grantt’s Tunguska. Hopefully we’ll see where they’re at next week! But here’s a sneak peek at Abi’s Stormcast Eternals… I think this fine fellow is going to hold the high ground for the next thousand years, in the name of Sigmar!

Stormcast Art of War
So, how have you been doing hobby-wise? Let’s see your WIPs and projects!

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