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Every Tuesday our Hobby HQ blog sums up what we've been doing outside of our dayjobs. We share pictures of what we've built and painted, including WIP projects. We'd love to see some of your work, too!

If this week's blog tells us anything, it's that despite everyone being crazy busy, things are still somehow getting built, primed and painted. But the mountain of projects is slowly piling up, there's no doubt about that.

Going to start with something spectacular that Grantt has been working on. Next month, hopefully, we'll show you the finished piece but here's a WIP that we meant to share a little while back. One of the things Age of Sigmar is known for is its astonishing models and Morathi is no exception.

Morathi Warhammer Age of Sigmar

I just know this is going to wipe out half my army at some point!

I just love the tail. It looks... well, lifelike. Which is both impressive and disturbing. What a centrepiece mini!

On Saturday I got the chance to head to the Euro Miniature Expo, which was conveniently held roughly 5 minutes from my humble abode in Folkestone. In the depths of the Leas Cliff Hall I found many cool and inspirational things.

Art of War Studios hobby

I have a vague idea of what some of this stuff does!

One impulse buy was a set of wonderful heads for my Hellblasters. Is that not the face of someone who just loves his job? There's so much character in these, and they stand out from the usual grim visages.

Art of war studios Hobby HQ hellblasters

I just love dealing with the xenos threat! Woohoo!

Aside from this, I've been working on preparing more vehicles for the tabletop. Not as actual units for a particular army, but as glorified scatter terrain. Boot fairs are great for sourcing new ships and you may well see these in the background of a battle report in the future!

Art of war studios hobby hq

Just need some insignias on here.

art of war studios hobby hq

Love the idea of this being some rich kid's extreme sports spaceship. 

So progress is being made on our fantasy armies and sci-fi battlefields. But there's more to come. In the next few weeks I'm going to be delving into this backlog to see what I can get ready for the table. First up, there's the rest of my Salute haul, which included a hell of a lot of Infinity miniatures. Now, I'm not planning on collecting Combined Army, so I'll be painting the Raicho up as some rough and ready merc TAG. Definitely going mean and green for the colour scheme!

art of war hobby hq infinity

Ever since we unveiled our awesome pointy Blood Bowl tokens, I've been itching to get back into that game. See that box of Nurgle's Rotters in the pic below? This will be a main project for me in the coming weeks.

Art of war studios hobby HQ

There's also a bunch of Nighthaunt that are just itching to take on the Daughters of Khaine in open battle. Now I'm a little more confident with the airbrush I reckon I can get these grim guys table-ready pretty sharpish.

So, that's what we've been up to, and this is the mountain that faces us! How are you doing with your hobbying? Let's see your WIPS!

Now you've got your army painted, it's time to accessorise! Compliment your lovingly-painted models with some gorgeous yet affordable acrylic tokens! 

ASOIAF tokens art of war studios

From Guild Ball to Necromunda, A Song of Ice and Fire to 40K, X-Wing to Blood Bowl, Blackstone Fortress to Warhammer Underworlds, via the wastelands of Fallout, we've got you covered!

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