Age of Sigmar Compatible Modifier Set

  • $12.00

Track your unit status with these Age of Sigmar compatible modifier sets from Art of War Studios.

This pack contains numerous tokens cut from 3mm acrylic in your choice of colour that can be used to track statuses on units and characters. The set contains;

12 Buff tokens in the shape of a plus to show when a unit is empowered. 

11 Debuff tokens in the shape of a minus to show when a unit has a penalty. 

9 Reroll tokens in an oval shape to remind you to reroll dice or repeat actions. 

Designed to be easy to recognise, these modifier tokens will help you quickly remember the status of your units so that you can focus on your tactics!

    Simply choose your colour and you're ready to go!

    All our products are supplied unpainted and unassembled (where necessary) and images are coloured using white or black crayons. All tokens are supplied with a protective sheet on the front and back that you can use as a stencil if you wish, or you can simply peel and play!

    For more instructions on how-to colour our tokens, take a look here.

    Are you looking for custom work? Take a look here for more details.

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