Expo Fever!

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The UKGE is upon us! We embark tomorrow morning on another expo adventure, taking a van full of tokens, templates, terrain and power bars to Birmingham for a long weekend of tabletop gaming goodness!

Expo Map

We'll be at stand 1-278 with a wealth of products, keen to chat and talk about the hobby. We've also brought a couple of our own games to demo, including IRONCLAD 2048 - which we ran at Salute - and something brand new, terrifying and awesome, that we know you'll love!

art of war studios necromunda hive walls

The Expo Sale is live now!

If you can't make it, don't worry. Instead, why not take advantage of our Expo Sale? With some stellar deals available, and a wave of reductions across our product range, the sale will be live until the 17th of June. 

Now given that we're all going to be at the expo (except design ace Arial who's staying back at the Art of War Studios bunker, working on a secret project and making sure Nemo doesn't take over the business), there's not going to be much production happening. In fact, to be on the safe side, we're advising that no new orders are going to ship until at least the 10th of June.

This will give us time to get back from the expo, decompress a little and get the lasers up and running. 

We're also offering FREE SHIPPING on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday! So if you come to see us at the UKGE and can't find what you're after, you don't have to pay for postage. Can't make it to the UKGE? That's fine, you get free shipping too! Nice!

We hope to see you at the expo! If you're the member of a gaming club or FLGS, stop by and ask us about our Quartermaster service which offers discounts all year round on all product lines! And after you've grabbed the tokens you need, join us for some games! 

Captain's log, supplemental (sorry; someone introduced me to the Star Trek RPG recently. Big Mistake): we're going to be crazy busy over the next few days, so if you don't get a reply to an email or message, don't worry. We just haven't had chance to respond. We'll definitely come back to you after the expo. Thanks!

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  • Hi! Bought some nice stuff from you at UKGE. :) Just a friendly reminder that you were confident you’d soon have 28mm base trays. I’m looking for various colours to make minis stand out on the battlemat (and on video as well). Thanks!

    Neil B on

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