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Every Monday we bring you our take on what's fresh in the industry and take a closer look at some of the most exciting new releases. It's time for Frontline News!

So the UK Games Expo is over for another year. Last weekend was an absolute blast, a technicolour riot of amazing games, fast food and frenzied discussion. Grantt was interviewed by Beasts of War, Kallie got an upgrade pack for Unstable Unicorns which had us in stitches, Abi introduced us to the wold of Villainous and Chris discovered the Wetherspoons app. We also worked our socks off, too.

beasts of war art of war interview

But now we're back in the saddle, catching up with your orders and working on all of those projects that had to take a back seat due to event prep. And we're very excited about the Summer.

age of ascension keyforge

You're all doomed!

So what's been happening in the industry? Well, KeyForge is back, with Age of Ascension making its presence felt in the tabletop world. We had a lot of people chatting to us at the UKGE about what damage tokens they needed, and whether we had anything that could stand in for a Doom Counter (we did; our Just Tokens range went down a storm with KeyForge players as well as the D&D community). 

art of war studios doom counter

We sold a bunch of these to people looking for KeyForge Doom Counters!

Age of Sigmar players will be wondering what points changes the 2019 General's Handbook will bring. With rules for urban fighting and fielding mercenary companies, it's bound to add a little more flavour to your games.

Age of sigmar mercenaries

Mercenary companies add even more variety to Age of Sigmar!

The new Infinity releases scheduled for July look stunning, as always. The Kriigel continues to add more attitude to Spiral Corps, and the transforming Zondnautica is fantastically dynamic. This bike that transforms into a gun-toting robot that can stalk its prey in tandem with the rider really does look like a fun unit. You can imagine them screaming down the long corridors of the Nomad spaceships.

zondnautica infinity the game

The Trandoshan Terror is coming to Star Wars Legion! Iconic bounty hunter and skinner of Wookies, Bossk looks likely to be a ferocious fighter, with the ability to suppress enemies and regenerate wounds. 

bossk star wars legion

Move over, Boba!

Moving onto A Song of Ice and Fire, the awesome models just keep coming. Upcoming new releases for the Night's Watch and the Free Folk include scout cavalry and terrifying melee troops. 

asoiaf cmon

Aside from looking absolutely stunning, the Ranger Trackers allow you to place a Vulnerable marker on an enemy, setting this unit, or another friendly unit, up for a kill. The Followers of Bone prefer to be jammed in close combat, breaking the spirit of the enemy and pulverising them with their hideous weapons.

Thanks for reading! Do let us know what new releases you're excited about. Also, to show our appreciation for following us, here's a cheeky 5% discount code! Just enter 'skiptotheend' and save a few pennies on your tokens! The code's valid until Sunday and can be used once per customer.

May your dice always be kind!

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